Hello everyone! With Fall 2016 just around the corner, its time for Take it SLO auditions again! If you're a Cal Poly student and you love to either sing or beatbox, we would love to hear you! Please prepare two 30 second song excerpts that showcase your voice! RSVP to the Facebook event for updates.

*UPDATE: Contact us at if you have a rush conflict and we'll work something out!

Sunday October 2, 2016 | 6pm.
Davidson Music Center (building 45, room 218) at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo

On a personal note, I want to share what the group has meant to me for the past 3 years.

Take it SLO has been a great way for me to continue doing music through college, and plug into a tight-knit group of singers straight away. We have nurtured a very special group that balances making great music with developing close friendships. Returning students are, of course, welcome at our auditions, but I want to extend a special invitation to the incoming freshmen. I'll emphasize again, it is a really good way to do what you love with people who share it.

If you are worried about the time committment, I would encourage you to show up to auditions and ask the current members how they balance their architecture, engineering, or graphic design workload with Take it SLO. It can be challenging, but we work together to make it work. Last Spring we said goodbye to three members who were in the group for all four years and we have five seniors this year who joined as freshmen. Let that suggest that it is worth it!

-Dylan (16-17 President)



Meet Take it SLO, a Cal Poly a cappella group. Since 2003, Music majors and Engineers alike have joined forces to fuel our success, and each one of them has left a legacy. Our central coast campus has hosted many late night music composition sessions, countless recording studio appointments, and performances that receive standing ovations. We sing original arrangements to get your foot tapping—a mix of popular and classic keeps the entire crowd entertained. You can find us performing at the local hot spots around San Luis Obispo, and on occasion we will venture to the southern areas of our golden state. If you are interested in hiring us to sing see at your company dinner, fundraising event, or anything in between, find our contact information below for pricing and availability! See you at the show!


Aaron, Lydell Flynn, Samuel Johnson, Scott Parkinson, Katie
Alburn, Lauren Fornoles, Ed Johnson, Spencer Pereira, Alyssa
Baratta, Alicia Foster, Robert Johnston, Sean Pfeifer, Joe
Battaglia, Alexandra Fraser, Evan Kim, Bryan Pryor, Inness
Beahm, Dre Fratkin, Rory Lawrence, Chris Ranan, Inbal
Bondoc, Gabe Frey, Madelyn Lawson, Bob Reed, Jessica
Caulk, Bruno Fuller, Caitlin Layton, Michael Rivera, Andy
Choi, Kristen Galvez, Jonathan Lebetsamer, Amy Rohan, Dov
Claspell, Sarah Garona, Martin Lichtner, Aaron Steinkraus, Joel
Conmy, Shannon Gililland, Trevor Logue, Julie Stevens, Amy
Cordle, Alex Graff, Jorgen Lopez, Jon Stiner, Michaela
Correll, Thomas Groff, Lauren MacDonald, Nicolle Stolan, Mark
Dahl, Morgan Gush, Gent Macias, Jen Stringfellow, Jacob
Delaney, Chris Habeeb, Elias McBroom, Cade Varvitsiotes, Nicole
Donner, Matt Hall, Julia Messerlian, Nick Villacampa, Isabella
Felias, Michael Hicken, Ryan Nicola, Kimberly Weeks, Brenna
Fiengold, Atlee Hingano, Vosa Normand, Kelli Whiting, Christy
Figel, Lisa Huang, James O'Rourke, Ian Williams, Blake
Finnesey, Kevin Hunter, Robert Olson, Annika Wolfe, Aaron
Fishman, Paul Iaquinta, Kelly Palomares, Joe  


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